Program of the Hausdorff School

The program of the Hausdorff School for Advanced Studies in Mathematics is a combination of training, education, and assistance in current and future career steps.

The Hausdorff School is designed to further young mathematicians in their research and to give them a good basis for their future.

The core of the scientific postdoctoral training are the Hausdorff schools, ranging over the full spectrum of mathematics. These schools are mostly independent intensive one-week schools but can also be international workshops and one-week introductory schools integrated in a trimester or junior trimester program at HIM. The schools are open to postdocs worldwide. It is possible to also apply for an extended research stay to enhance collaborations and interactions with the working groups in Bonn. Here you find an overview of the current academic program.

Supplementing these schools, HSM offers seminars on soft skills as well as a mentoring program to develop their teaching skills.